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Wewill be travelling in and between the national parks in 4x4 vehichles in a small group of 2-4 cars and we will be camping - I am not worried about wild animals but peiple behaving badly as a result of the pending Zimbabwe ellections

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    No official date for the election yet, but it is expected to be in late July.
    The expert advice I've read suggests that it is in poor heavily-urbanised communities that you may be at risk (and usually only because you may inadvertently become involved in a demonstration).
    Keep an eye on the situation, especially for anti-foreigner sentiment, but at this stage because of where you're going, and the manner in which you'll be going there, that there' no undue danger. Obviously, Zimbabwe is volatile, so you'll need to exercise caution whenever you go.
    Phil at the safety hub over 5 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hi I live in Zimbabwe. You shouldnt have any problems traveling around. I do a lot of traveling up in the north of Zimbabwe as i work up there. There will be a lot of police road blocks, but they are generlly friendly. Just make sure to be friendly and they may just check your drivers license and car licenses etc. elections were supposed to be March but now have been delayed till June, but you never know here. over 5 years ago

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