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How is safe this area now after the Morroccan Elections and recent unrest in November 2001

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    The Western Sahara remains an unpredictable and volatile destination - regardless of the recent electoral result in Morocco. Firstly there remains a danger from unexploded landmines, especially close to the border with mauritania. The landmines move - pushed along by drifting sand, so it's possible a cleared zone could become dangerous again.
    The Saharawi people continue to struggle against what they say was an illegal occupation of their land by Morocco in 1975. The kidnapping of westerners remains a threat. the last incident was in October 2011 (2 Spanish nationals and 1 Italian).
    I'm not sure where you're from John but, while the British government has no travel restrictions (and hasn't had any requests fro help from British citizens since 2008) it warns of the difficulty of getting assistance if you do run into trouble there (getting a medical team to you would be complex, lengthy and expensive). The British government says it's important you have good travel insurance if you go there.... but choose carefully, because the Australian government has a blanket "do not travel" warning for Western Sahara, which may have implications for your insurance if you are an Australian citizen.
    I'm sure you know this, but you need a special permit from the Moroccan government to travel there, and entry (and exit) can be difficult with the possibility you could be turned back from the border without notice or explanation.
    As for Morocco in general..... the recently elected Islamist JDP party are regarded as social conservatives, loyal to the King, and unlikely to cause any sudden shift in the socio-political environment.
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