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    The distance via the Central Highlands (the most direct land route) is about 1700 KM, via Nha Trang (the coastal route) is about 1800 KM. Allowing for crowded cities along the way and questionable road conditions you might be able to average 80 KPH. 24 hours of driving time would be a minimum estimate. (divided by 1.6 to figure US miles) http://www.yourvietnamtourguide.com almost 9 years ago

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    Um, not a chance! While National Highway 1 connects the two cities, its quality varies enormously. The new buts are fine, like between Hoi An and Hue, but much of it will still be a potholed mess. Then you have to overlay the crazy traffic, and I assume you would actually want to see something on the way?

    7 - 10 days minimum in my view. 3 - 4 if you don't want to stop. almost 9 years ago

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    Wow, that far! Thank you guys! almost 9 years ago

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