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    Apocalypse Now, Thi Sach street over 9 years ago

    • This is a very crowded, dirty, dark, smooking, low end place, suitable for mouse only, I do not like this at all., RobertVietnam over 9 years ago
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    Hi Ya, this is a nice place,
    The place is very small, but there is a lot of small room partision near the wall,
    I feel the music beat passion in this place, one bad thing is the wine is too expensive, need to pay usd 100 for a seat for a couple of bottle of wine.
    seem like now they reduce for small price for a glass, but then the service become from VIP to ignore.

    Girl is beautiful, don;t know why, I saw many beautiful girl there.
    Music is good, happy visiting actually.

    You should visit the hotest now in Ho Chi minh, the Park Hyatt Hotel launge, at the ground floor, after 8pm , this place is top top top place i ever seen,
    DJ using Apple Macbook air, atmosphere is right, good and high end and warm interior design, expensive as all the 5 star hotel should be, U can see the most beautiful girl in Sagn town in this place, this is now a must visit place for me every week.

    Hey , do not forget to look the girl passing by the corridor, some of them are Actress Grade of beauty, you can not imagine without ready see them with your fresh eyes.
    This launge is have a glass wall on Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1,
    Do not confuse with the piano slow lounge and this hot disco launge, the one i recomend is the hot disco launge, see there and put comment here, Ya.

    want more info email me speedyhomepage@yahoo.com.sg over 9 years ago

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