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    Vietnam is a super safe country and the transportation within the country is very easy and cheap. Flights using Vietjet and Jetstar are a pretty cheap as well and quick way to get around, but you can also use the train or buses (but obviously they take much longer). In Ho Chi Minh I would recommend staying in District 1 (I stayed at The Nguyens Cafe), then took a flight to Da Nang then on to Han Oi. As a female I felt very safe walking everywhere, even at night, but just beware of the motorbikes, they are everywhere! Also, take local money out at the airport (there is a Citibank ATM there) and use the public bus to and from the airport in HCMC, it's only 12,000 vdn to D1 and 20,000 vdn to backpackers district. Google maps is spot on with which number bus you should take and the drivers are super helpful on where to get off. The buses are located right outside the international terminal, just cross the street. Hope this is helpful! over 2 years ago

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    Be aware of shoe shinning and stress vendors. Always asking the price if no men shown.
    Using trusted taxi company
    Taking trusted travel company, check their reviews on tripadviors when you want to book a tour over 2 years ago

    Answered by Hoang Minh Tung via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Vietnam is one of the safe and saving countries in Southeast Asia but if you visit HCMC, you should take care of your backpack carefully because there are some burglars on the market over 2 years ago

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    Watch out for pick pockets at the markets that are popular with tourists or any other crowded tourist places. Snatch & grabs of bags & visible valuables from passing motorbikes happens to tourists & locals regularly, so keep your bag well attached to you. Taxis are cheap but you should only use the reputable companies - Vinasun & Mailinh are both good. There are sometimes 'fake taxis' that mimic these companies around the popular tourist destinations. My tip is to walk one block away from these places & then you can find a genuine cab. Have a great trip :) over 2 years ago

    Answered by Paula via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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