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Will the heat and the rain ruin my visit?

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    Lasting from February to April, Hanoi’s spring is humid and wet with drizzles. The average temperature normally ranges from 15 to 20 Celcius degree. As this kind of weather is suitable for the plants to grow and flowers to blossom, spring will be the best time for tourists to witness the vitality of tropical nature. Spring is also the time for Tet holiday- the most essential and longest Vietnamese festival of the year.

    Hanoi’s summer is very hot with the average temperature of 32 degree (and has risen up in recent years), lasting from May to August (July is the hottest month). Since global warming has become a more and more serious problem, some summers are dry while others may be extremely wet with high humidity. Heavy rain is one feature of Hanoi’s summer, so don’t forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you whenever leaving home. Moreover, be ready to be sweat under the sun during the day and a thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening!

    Fall is considered the most beautiful and romantic time for travellers to visit Hanoi. This season is quite short, typically from middle of September to the end of November. With the average temperature is 25 degree, Hanoi’s autumn is charming with warm sunlight, cool breeze and dry atmosphere. If you love seeing the leaves change color, enjoying some local autumn specialties such as young green rice, living slowly for a to appreciate the beauty of your life, you definitely should come to Hanoi in autumn.

    The cold weather of Hanoi will start from December and may last until late February, with the average temperature of 17.2 degree. However, sometimes it may drop to below 10 degree, and the high humidity will lend a hand in making the weather bitter cold. Bring some serious warm clothes is necessary, if you do not want to get a cold when visiting a tropical country! Hanoi’s winter is also famous for many delicious street foods which can warm you up in a chilly day. over 5 years ago

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    Check out the FAQ's about the weather all the info you should need is there.Most forcasts show rain and thunder every day. Ignore this most likely you will have lovely weather and maybe a shower during your stay. Rain tends to come quickly and heavily but it doesn't usually last long not like this country. over 4 years ago

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    Where do you want to visit? Northern or Southen Vietnam? Weather of 2 areas is different over 4 years ago

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    I think very bad if you travel to Hanoi in that time, because the weather is very hard at that time and you will quickly feel can't stay longer to enjoy all of things. over 4 years ago

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    we spent a month in Vietnam in July with our two small girls (3 and 5). We covered hanoi, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Hue and Hoi An. we had a great time and were not limited by rain. It rains and very heavily but not for very long and it is still warm. Be flexible and don't book yourself into a rigid itinerary and you can work around the weather.

    man alive it was HOT - like an oven - so keep in mind that you will not be able to go "full steam ahead" all day and that having a rest in the aircon in the afternoon is quite acceptible. over 4 years ago

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