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Hi fellas!

Am planning to head out on a little climbing trip to Vietnam in the month of, either Dec '14 or Jan '15, and would like to go up Fansipan as well. Would like to know which month would be the ideal time..

Any further information on this is much appreciated!

Thanks & cheers!

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    Hi Thinuwan
    Best season to do Fansifan tour is on dry season ( from October till the end of April next year ) , and from May till september is season raining. dont do Fansifan tour. it is very dangerous for you
    So your schedule IS SUITABLE for this trip
    And u need a experience guide too
    Hope you will have great trip in Vietnam
    Best Regards
    Ms Katharine
    ionetour owner about 6 years ago

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    Hi there,

    I has led tourists to Sapa and Fansipan since 2009 and my opinion of Best time to visit Fansipan is when it is not rain and cold (I don't like the cold maybe you do). The whole Northern Viet Nam have 4 seasons and if you chose Dec or Jan ( winter ) let prepare for facing the temperature of 2 Celsius degree (when it rain, normally it is dry but rain not heavy but quite often) and average temperature up on Hoang Lien Son Range is around 8 Celsius.

    So the Hint is look at the weather forecast before climbing which will takes you 2 days as average trip and if Raining let wait coz the Rain in this season is wont last long. Spend that time for enjoying the Culture trip to visit Difference Tribes, overnight in their Homestay and immerse in the Local Market of the area such as: Can Cau, Khau Vai, Coc Ly ...

    Have a good time in my home-land mate.
    Best wishes

    Lê Chiến - Freelancer Tour-guide about 6 years ago

    Answered by Oc Chuoi via Site_iconTravellr.com

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