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do I need a money belt?

over 6 years ago about Vietnam

I'm going to Saigon and Phenom Penh in August and don't want to use a moneybelt. I generally keep my money in my wallet, in my front pocket and am very cautious not to lose it. What's a money belt anyway and is one necessary? I mean what do non-travelers do when living abroad? can't imagine everyone uses a moneybelt.

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    Once u get to hotel lock all valuables in a safe or sec deposit at a front desk of hotel,include passport and travel docs aswell as credit cards and cash...just take a small amount of cash in your pocket for daily use,in Vietnam its not going to be much unless you are really going crazy with shopping and eating out...and ppl in these countries are very honest...enjoy it you will love it over 6 years ago

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    A couple of suggestions:
    - only keep day cash in your wallet when you travel and perhaps one ATM card.
    - I use a money belt inside my clothing and keep remaining cash and cards there. Yes, it's a pain-in-the-arse, especially when it's hot, but then again I've never been pick-pocketed (touch wood) in 30 years of travel.
    - my wife uses two money belts, one on the inside and a much more visible one on the outside. The latter just has sunscreen and tissues in but is an EXCELLENT decoy.

    Yes, Vietnamese are lovely people but we see plenty of thefts and bag snatches so take care.

    Wonderful country though.

    Simon (from Laos) over 6 years ago

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    yes i agree with original nomad. Vietnamese peoples are lovely but some peoples are living
    everywhere they do some illegal work like theft, bag snatching others but places are there is lovely. U go there and enjoy yourself and pay attention for these types of activity as above original telling. over 6 years ago

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    I use a money belt that is actually , a belt with a long zipper inside it. Wear it everywhere , has a plastic buckle and air port friendly. Get it on amazon for around $13.00 over 6 years ago

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