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I ve been hearing that the Vietnam govt is doing a poor job of protecting this region. I want to make a informed decision.

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    I visited Halong Bay in June 2011. I felt that its environment was heavily compromised. The place is overrun by tours with very little concern for waste, and conservation. However, part of my visit included Nam Cat island and rock-climbing with a company who are conscious of these issues and when we went to Moody Beach for the climb, we spent a while picking up rubbish left by the local fishermen and chatting about the issues. But there are people and companies around who care to preserve Halong Bay's beauty, so you just have to find them. Nam Cat was also much cleaner with a helluva lot less tourists, and just as beautiful. over 7 years ago

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    It's a beautiful place! 360 views of huge amazing lime stone cliffs! It's truly a gorgeous place but I imagine the tourism is not helping preserve this heritage. We witnessed so many workers throwing garbage off our boat into the water.... Sad but true this was couple years ago now so I can imagine the struggle to keep up on it and keep it a world heritage place..... :( I'd still love to wake up there lol over 6 years ago

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