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I'm currently living in Korea and they have this amazing hair treatment called magic straight which straightens your hair chemically for about 6 weeks. I'm moving to Ho Chi Minh City in a fortnight and would love to know if I can continue to get this done there? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    As a chemist, I'd say that this sounds a lot like the process used at one time (and maybe still is) for home perms: a reducing agent, likely a thiol, to break the disulfide bonds in the hair that hold it in its original shape, then fixing the hair in the desired new shape with curlers, and re-oxidizing to form new disulfide bonds. It works for a while but if it was truly a 'perm', it'd only need to be done once, which isn't the case. Eventually the hair returns to its original state. over 7 years ago

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    I think it is easy to find a hair salon in Ho Chi Minh city and for magic straightening is popular there. over 5 years ago

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