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    I would highly recommend Hoi An, a quaint town famous for their tailors & seamstresses but also a beach destination. You can do this town budget or five star. I stayed in a small hotel with a pool in a double room in July '12 for US$12 per night. There is also the Nam Hai Resort where a 5 bedroom villa start from US$3000 per night.

    I loved the old town by the river, streets brimming with authentic Vietnamese stalls, restaurants and enough stores to keep you clothed for every occasion and enough bars to entertained. During the day, there is the local markets where you will be tugged by smiling ladies urging you to taste their exotic fruits. You will walk away with a armful of fruit if you're not the assertive type. (I speak from experience...)

    I thought Hoi An was a good blend of old & new, city & smalltown plus some great food stirred in and you'll enjoy at least 3-4 days there. Well, that's how long your suit will take to make anyway!

    Safe travels! over 7 years ago

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    The Vietnam coast is over 2000 km long... will you travel through vietnam (and have a chance to see a lot of it?) or are you looking for just one or two spots to visit?

    Like the above answer, I'd also highly recommend Hoi An. Lovely spot.
    I also enjoyed Nha Trang, despite telling myself to avoid it as it'd be too noisy and full of drunk Australians. I Stayed 5 days over New Year's and met some good people and even enjoyed the party atmosphere (beware the Buckets at the Nha Trang Yacht Club though!). I remember the beach being nice enough and the local mud baths were great for a laugh.
    Halong Bay in the North was good too, although rammed with tourists. It's stunning scenery though, so there's a good reason they all flock there. over 7 years ago

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