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Currency for Vietnam

about 11 years ago about Vietnam

What currency should I take to Vietnam? I have been told to take US$
What is the best way to change currency when I get there.
Are most things bought in us$, like hotel bills etc.
How common are credit card purchases?

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    The currency is the wonderfully named DONG. Take US$ as the currency is non-convertible outside the country as far as I know. Last time I looked there was something like 9,000 to the US$ so you can end up with rather a large amount of paper.

    Most mid-range accommodation I have always paid for on credit cards (at least in the last few years) but cash is king the rest of the time. Local cash too, not USD.

    And beware the Cyclo drivers or anyone else who want you to pay in USD as they are just trying it on so they can charge you exhorbitantly.

    Great country to visit though. about 11 years ago

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    Yep - Take USD and exchange for some Dong when you arrive. Most 'tourist' places will charge in USD but if you go local you will need Dong. almost 11 years ago

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    The offical currency is the DONG.
    Take small denomination US Dollar notes it'sbetter
    US Dollars taken most places.
    You can exchange Dollars for Dongs in most hotels and exchange places in the big cities.
    Probably need a few dong for local drinks, tips, taxi etc.
    If you go in to a restuarant they usually quote in Dollars for food and drink but if you offer them Dong....they don't always like it but it normally works out cheaper. about 10 years ago

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