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    Try http://www.is-venezuela-safe.com/ or http://adventures.worldnomads.com/destinations/232/Venezuela.aspx and the Lonely Planet itineraries to the right about 9 years ago

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    Noci, I hope you're an experienced traveller because Venezuela is not for the faint- hearted. It has a shocking crime and murder rate and tourists ARE deliberately targeted. Express kidnapping is extremely common. The road from the airport is notorious for bandits. If you resist a robbery it is very likely you will be shot.
    It is particularly dangerous near the Colombian border, and several foreign governments advise their citizens to not go within 80 kms of the border.
    A young man we had working in the office here as an intern was originally from Venezuela (Caracas) and he said everyone there knows someone who has been a victim to express kidnapping or mugging and often multiple times.
    Having said that, the Venezuelans (the ones not robbing you) are very hospitable and the country is spectacularly beautiful.... just be really careful.
    Phil about 9 years ago

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    Totally agree with Phil about 9 years ago

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    Based on my personal experience, avoid Caracas. Venezuela has amazing and unique places in the world without "crime" and "violence".
    Los Roques: a natural reserve with more than 300 virgin islands. The real paradise!
    Amazons: Angel Falls and Canaima, both of them consider as a Nature Wonder. Animals, jungles and fragile ecosystems to enjoy.
    Los Andes: Merida and Trujillo, typical and friendly cities in the biggest montain chain in Latinamerica.

    Please, don't go alone. It's better if you know someone and if you can understand/ speak Spanish. Don't bring too much dollars in cash, always use local currency.

    And as a last advice, try the AREPAS with white cheese! about 9 years ago

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    You can get direct flights to the island of margarita of the coast. I have family there and used to visit a great deal as a child. It's safe by comparison to the mainland, especially Caracas. Flying into that city is a gamble and most western visitors are targeted for kidnapping and or robbery upon landing. about 9 years ago

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    Hello, all the country it's dangerous, I have travelled and live in the interior of the country aswell and the truth is that it's dangeous. But you have to know that Venezuela is currently having energy problems, in the capital is not as notorious like in the small towns when they spends hours and hours without energy every single week. So If it was up to me I will end up in Caracas, like visiting the Avila, going to a small Village pretty near to the city named Colonia Tovar, probably but go to eat to el hatillo thats a colonial area in caracas, eating and checking the activities of the week to see what I would like (the center of the city it's pretty dangerous so I would see it from the cars a sunday and that'ts it). Or if you are the adventorous type of person that doesn't care for commodities and electrical energy I would end up in the beaches, that are many and nice ones. about 9 years ago

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