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I am deciding whether or not to travel within Venezuela this year. If I do, I will be in Caracas around mid December. I am wondering how much it will cost to bus from Caracas to Merida and then into Colombia? And also, is it generally safe yet? and reliable to bus across the border into Colombia or should I spend the money and fly? Is taking a boat from Maracaibo along the coastline also a decent/better/safer option?

I will be in Colombia for sure in December and would like to at least see Angel Falls. From what I have read, it seems almost all travel within Venezuela is sketchy and I will most likely be robbed at least once. My Spanish isn't the best either.

I know the safest option will be to fly in and out but it's going to be too expensive!! Can anyone help me out with some up to date info on the safety of travelling by bus from Caracas to Colombia?

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Map of Caracas