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I'll have 4 days vacations in Venezuela, from a Saturday morning till a Wednesday morning. I'm expecting to spend a day in Caracas (-- mueseums, history and great food) and another 3 days at the beach (or an island -- relaxing, partying, sun bathing). What would be the best (and affordable) destination in the Venezuelan coast?

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    Hi! In Caracas, my favorite place to spend a day would be El Hatillo, there you can find great places to eat, walk around the colonial town, have churros and hot chocolate and a lot of stores with beautiful handcrafts. (visit it after 5pm or so, I think it's better)
    For a great view and more natural, visit El Avila (now known as Warairarepano). You can take a cable car to the top of the mountain. You need to go to Mariperez, by the high way 'Cota Mil' Once you get to the top, enjoy the gorgeous view of Caracas, plus restaurants, more handcrafts and a great weather!
    Another place, Museo Colonial Quinta de Anauco. It's a beautiful house from 1797 in San Bernardino that now hosts lots of arts. Paintings, colonial antiques, furnitures and they'll give you an excellent tour.
    For beach, lots to choose from. Mochima National Park (you need to go to Anzoategui or Sucre state) and Morrocoy National Park (Falcon State) you'll find gorgeous beaches with white sand and clear and calm waters. If you're looking to party and enjoy the beach, visit Margarita Island. I'll tell you to go to El Agua beach or El Yaque beach. They have lots of hotels (variety of prices, you can find very affordable and great to stay, and at night always a party! To relax, from El Yaque you can take a boat to Coche Island.
    hope it helps you! :) for more, I'm always posting new things by twitter (accesototal29 or yoss183)
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    I loved the islands of Los Roques. Get there by small charter planes from the domestic airport. At the time I went, all flights left in the morning and took passengers who just turned up as much as by pre-bookings. They are pat of a protected park and if perfect if you are looking for a serene and gorgeous get away. Once there, you can take smaller little boats that drop you off at isolated beaches and then come back to pick you up when you want. The main island does have a lively pulse in the evenings with no shortage of bars and restaurants. Bliss. over 10 years ago

    Answered by Tunnsey via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Thank you guys. This time we decided for Isla Margarita and Caracas. Next time, Los Roques and Lo Yanque, and then...
    Thanks! over 10 years ago

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