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My boyfriend and I are planning to stay in a motel in the Nambatu area just south of Port Vila, but are planning to go to restaurants/ bars/ nightclubs in the main part of town. Apparently it's only about 20 or so minute walk away, and we'll be always together. We wouldn't be exactly wandering the streets, just probably taking the quickest route back (probably via Elluk road). Should we be worried about walking back to the accommodation? Is the Nambatu area a rough part of town?

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    Port Villa is pretty safe & the people are friendly. There are mini-busses that traverse port villa all the time - just flag one down and they will drop you where ever you want to go, much quicker than walking, and much cheaper than a taxi, though you may get a scenic ride as the bus drops everybody else at their doorsteps as well. It's a nice way to see Port Vila as well.
    I talk about it in my story here:
    http://journals.worldnomads.com/stowaway/story/2182/Vanuatu/Bus-it over 7 years ago

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    Vanuatu is a low crime destination, but there has been a worrying rise in petty theft. I contacted one of the hotels on the Elluk Road south of the CBD and they said the road passes through some commercial districts and is poorly lit for much of the way - doesn't sound ideal for walking, even in company. The hotel told me the average taxi fare from the cbd is 700 vatu (about $8Aud) so not terribly expensive, but as Stowaway said the mini buses sound like a fun alternative.
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    Phil at the safety hub over 7 years ago

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    Having lived here for 12 years and operating tourism ventures I suggest the bus from town to Nambatu area very cheap transport and no need to head off into other areas as it is very direct from CBD and only about 1 km over 7 years ago

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    I also agree that you should take mini-bus here, it is cheap and safe for both of you. about 6 years ago

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