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I am planning to visit Uzbekistan next year, and I'm still debating exactly when. March is one possibility, and I would like to see Navrus, but I only have so much time. So my question is this: How many days does Navrus actually last? Is it like Iran where it pretty much lasts a week, or just a couple of days? Can one travel then (or during the days surrounding it), or are buses, taxis, etc. as well as hotels all booked up? I've been warned against traveling to Iran during Norooz because, so I'm told, it's almost impossible to travel for about 10 days. So I'm wondering about Uzbekistan. Finally, if I do go there then, which city would you recommend being in for Navrus? Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, or elsewhere? Also, Is there a lot of drunkenness? I remember Thailand at Songkran for those of you familiar with that. Is it anything like that?

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