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    There's plenty to occupy your time - snowshoeing, dog sledding and ice/snow sculpting (Snowfest is held 16th -18th Jan) are all a good time.

    Also, the Mountains in Colorado are a really interesting weather/wind area and there are plenty of places to go gliding (though I don't know how much gliding they do in the winter).

    And if you wanted a longer trip - like overnight - you could head to the 'Four Corners' region and be in four states all at the same time! about 11 years ago

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    Visit Bridal Falls. The area and wildlife around it are out of this world. It's a really scenic route if you enjoy a good hike.

    There is this really geeky, yet totally fun tour of Telluride you can do. It brings history alive in a very shamefully fun way with people dressed in costume and voices changed for maximum drama.

    Going dog sledding was a highlight for me and snow mobiling can be an awful lot of fun. There is also the glider tour you can do, but I chickened out of it right before lift off. My best friend said it was one of the coolest things he did.

    The Ute Museum and the Museum of Telluride are really neat, as well. A. they're heated and b. that area of Colorado is really... cultural? It's a beautiful history. Plus, if you're lucky you'll hear about haunted Telluride :]

    If Between the Covers is still open, they do a superb cup of coffee and you can nestle in with a book. It's a really nice, quiet afternoon if you want to give your knees a rest. Crazy Elk pizza is seriously delicious. And make sure you drink a good three or four sample of beers brewed from New Belgium Brewery. You'll look like a local and get to taste the beer Colorado is most famous for - Sunshine Wheat! However, with Two Below and Frambozen out in the winter, they're must trys. Look even more at home in Colorado by asking for a Major Tom's or a Levity (from Odell's). The beer is really the main reason to visit anywhere in Colorado! about 11 years ago

    Answered by Courtney Harre via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Courtney & Samantha - thank you so much for your detailed answers. I am looking forward to the trip more now! Cheers, K about 11 years ago

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    Have fun, K! I lived in Colorado for a good chunk of my life and I miss it almost more than anywhere else I've ever been.

    Trust me on drinking ANYTHING or EVERYTHING from New Belgium and Odells. You won't reget it. You'll be there when the seasonal drinks are out, so deffo have a Framboizen from NB if nothing else, or a 2 Below.

    We're beer people in Colorado! I can't wait to hear how the trip was for you! almost 11 years ago

    Answered by Courtney Harre via Site_iconTravellr.com

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