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Wanting to do this trip over a couple of weeks but want more info on the best place to book tickets through, best time of year to travel, best Islands to spend the most time on etc.

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    I don't know the best times to book tickets (probably well in advance - or very last minute!) - but you'll probably want to avoid going to Hawaii during the Summer months and Christmas Vacation time. I'd say Fall or Spring are the best times - you should still have nice weather, and there will be fewer people around.

    Which Islands you want to visit is a bit more personal - if you like more of a city atmosphere with lots of nightlife - you'll probably be most happy with Oahu. Oahu also has lots of other attractions - like Pearl Harbor, The North Shore and Surf Lessons on Waikiki Beach (great for beginners).

    Maui is a really beautiful Island and is a bit less built up than Oahu, so it might be better if you want some serenity - but still want a lot of choice in places to eat/stay/go.

    The Big Island is stunning! I've only ever been to the Kona(dry) side, but it has amazing black sand beaches, and turtles come swimming right up to you! Also you can see active volcanos on The Big Island and there are plenty of tours you can go on there. The Hilo side is supposed to be beautiful - and very lush and rainforesty.

    I don't really know anything about Guam - except there are no birds... about 11 years ago

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