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    There are no Hotels that I know of that include meals as a standard policy.

    HOWEVER, each Hotel has SPECIAL offer that they change every week. Most offers INCLUDE meals, but you have to book that hotel using the special offer when it's available.

    There are many site that tell you what offers each Hotel is currently offering. Here is one example, but you can fine a lot more.


    If the link somehow gets removed, then just google Vegas Hotel promotions. almost 9 years ago

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    In Addition to Andrews response..if you go to the direct site for the hotels they will show the promo on the page. Many of the hotels offer a room and meal package. FYI- the deals on the promo sites are nothing more special than what the hotel is offering on it's own. I just did a through comparison for my trip to Las Vegas in a few weeks. almost 9 years ago

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