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It is possible to practice sport fishing in salt water in Florida? What are the best places? It takes some special authorization?

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    Yes you can ! And it's good and rewarding, just buy a salt water license, and go start your fire to grill your catch ! Have fun, but be not disappointed when you back home and dream of all the fish you cached in this subtropical waters. about 9 years ago

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    Get a license, and go out near Jupiter, FL as that is where the gulf stream comes closest to the entire north American coastline. Why is that important? Depending on the current, you could be fishing for Blue Marlin and Sailfish as close as 1 to 3 miles off-shore. No where else is that possible. If you really want sport fishing, some crazy people in the summer paddle out in kayaks to the gulf stream drop there freshly caught blue runners off of a Penn Senator 7.0 reel and hook on a Blue Marlin and get towed around for hours on hours fighting and tiring out a 700+ lb billfish. As crazy as that sounds, I have seen it with my own eyes. about 9 years ago

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