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I plan on visiting Dallas with my husband in the beginning of October for a conference; looking for helpful opinions on the hotels and attractions of that area. Thanks in advance! :)

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    Every time I have guests visiting Dallas and looking to hit a great spa, I take them to King Spa (www.kingspa.com). Hotels are reasonable, hotels.com is headquartered here, so you will find good deals through said portal. I can recommend more things to do if you could narrow down what you're in the mood for... (ie: History: visit the JFK Museum at the book repository bldg, etc) over 9 years ago

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    Thanks Jaime!

    To be honest, it'll be our first trip to Dallas, but because of the convention, we'll only have evenings to spend out on the town. I wanted to check out the JFK Museum, but it looks like it won't be open later than 6, and the convention will run later than that, I'm sure. (Sigh.) We're more like wallflowers, and we like taking in sights and sounds (like at parks or open venues). Are there any good places you'd recommend just to lounge and enjoy music (indoor or outdoor)? Also, do you know of any good sushi restaurants in the area?

    Checked out hotels.com (learned something new--didn't know they were headquartered there---cool to know), but found out shortly after that the convention we're going to is offering a much cheaper rate at the Sheraton, which is where it's being hosted, and from the reviews of the Sheraton, it doesn't seem to be a bad idea to take up their offer. So that takes care of hotels...but thank you, nonetheless! :) over 9 years ago

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    Deep Ellum is a part of Dallas that is notorious for music of all varieties. Everything from Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, etc. Since you'll be in Dallas I would strongly suggest you try Tex-Mex. There's a place in Deep Ellum called Monica's Aca Y Alla. Everyone in Dallas knows it and eats there though I don't think many outsiders know of it... Kind of a local gem. If you're not in the mood for Tex-Mex there's also Twisted Root Burger Co which is three chefs who were classically trained and decided to open a burger joint with a twist. They've been featured in diners, drive-ins and dives and rated one of the best burger joints in America.

    As far as JFK if you can't make it to the Sixth Floor Museum you can still go to the place where he was shot. They have placed x's on the street which represent where he was on the street when he was shot. There is a memorial outside near by in his honor as well.

    There are a ton of cool shops, restaurants, bars etc in Deep Ellum so to be honest if you don't have too much time and since Dallas is so large I would focus my time in one area because traveling throughout the city is a lot more time consuming then you think!! Traffic can be pretty brutal on top of the size of the area. over 9 years ago

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    Stay at the Magnolia Hotel. Visit Dealey Plaza day or night. Catch music and the Deep Ellum scene at La Grange. Munch down on the sushi at Deep Sushi, in Deep Ellum, or Blue Fish on Greenville. Shop at Northpark and, surprisingly good, lunch at the Bistro in Nordstroms. For a quiet unwinding, try Cru in the West Village. over 9 years ago

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    Thanks for the suggestions, elske and Jas! Only two more weeks! I can't wait to check out Deep Ellum--it sounds like an awesome place. :) Will post here about how the trip turned out when I get back! Thanks again so much! :D over 9 years ago

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    Deep ellum isnt bad. Look through a Dallas observer and find a good show it's a local Dallas paper. If ya go to a chipotle, you will find an observer as well as stands in the west end. If ya have a vehicle and want to experience north Texas gems, giddie up yonder to the stockyards in fort worth. Dallas I like the northpark area westlake village and mockingbird station. over 9 years ago

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    Do not miss the 6th Floor Museum (jfk). It exceeds all expectations, when my family was visiting, both my son & father loved it and wanted to spend the whole day there! over 9 years ago

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