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Hi there, Does anyone know of a insurance policy that I can take out in the event I need to cancel a flight because of a job offer?
I am about to take a flight to Australia to speed up a visa process, but there's a chance that the work permit will come through in the next few weeks before my flight - making the trip back to Australia redundant.
look forward to hearing suggestions!

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    Hi Becc - Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    Like other insures, WorldNomads.com travel insurance policies generally provide cover for pre-paid expenses/cancellation costs if you are seriously sick or injured and can not start your trip. We don't provide cover if you simply "change your mind" and cancel your trip if you do get the work permit/job offer you're waiting for.

    Best thing to do in this situation is get in touch with your airline and make sure you know what their policies are on cancelling. You might be able to buy a ticket, which gives you more flexibility to change your dates, without loosing the ticket altogether. Even if you were sick and couldn't travel, you'd have to ask your airline for a refund first before making a claim with an insurer.

    Also good to know that cancellation clauses generally cover you only for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses you have if you have to cancel, BEFORE you start your trip. If you're buying insurance "on the road" (ie. away from your country of permanent residence) you may not be covered for cancellation costs, as technically you've already started your trip.

    Hope your work permit comes through - good luck! over 9 years ago

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