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I am going to New York in a few months and I just have to ask...of the people who have been there, lived there or still live there do you hate it or is it the most awesome place just like everyone makes out?

I have worked myself up into thinking I am going to love it so much I will want to move there so I am interested in knowing what everyone thinks?

So do you love it...or do you hate it?

Asked by Danielle via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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    Hey Danielle, I've visited about a dozen times for short stints....my thoughts? Love it to visit, wouldn't want to live there permanently. It has a different effect on everyone, I have friends who lived there for 5 years (loved it), but now are ready to move out. I also have friends who live there and never want to leave. As for a holiday - I'm sure you will have an amazing time! about 9 years ago

    Answered by Alicia Smith via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    NYC - love it! What's not to love? (ok it can be expensive, crowded, and New Yorkers can be a liitle on the ummm aggressive side, but still love it!) My tips: https://traveleater.wordpress.com/nyc-field-notes/ I'd love to know your additions after your visit. about 9 years ago

    Answered by TravelEater via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
    • Yeah I will definitely let you know, thank you. Danielle about 9 years ago
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    I loved it. Only visited on occasion but awesome city. Apart from the world class museums (the Met is incredible by any standard) and art galleries (MOMA anyone?), try a stroll out to Isamu Noguchi's old studio, or just walk and walk and walk. Brooklyn Bridge is a nice stroll, and if you check the latest NatGeo magazine there's a story about an old rail line they've converted into a city walk. Also check out my question about the best Bagel's in NY - I'll try these next time.

    Have a great trip! about 9 years ago

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