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both in time saved standing in line, and to eat relatively healthily? I want to maximize time on the rides, but our friends (with kids) want to make sure everyone eats well so we have energy and don't get sick on junk food. Advice? Parks we'll be at: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Universal's Harry Potter. Thanks!

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    From my experience in Disney World Tokyo, the food is appalling junk - you can survive it for a day, but healthy it wasn't. (We smuggled in our own) about 9 years ago

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    It really depends on your family. If you are going to be in the parks all day from morning till night, then yes. If you are going back to your room for afternoon naps, or in the evenings and you will be off property a lot, then maybe not.

    Personally we get a room w/a kitchen, and eat breakfast there, then head out to the parks. We plan for 1 meal out per day, but the other one is either sandwiches in a cooler we keep in the car, or back at the kitchen.

    Look at your travel plans and see what works best for your family. about 9 years ago

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    We are fresh from WDW and we bought some groceries for breakfast in morning, requested a refrigerator for the room, ate lunch at park, and then dined at Epcot or the Hotel. We opted not for the plan, and worked fine without it. Food was decent and decently priced too for lunch and dinner. But if we hadn't gone groc shopping it would have been worth it. about 9 years ago

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