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    Spring Creek Ranch is pricey but can provide you with your own cabin overlooking the Tetons. Adjacent is the Amangani, another pricier option, but service and accommodations are fantastic, along with the view. As far as seasons go, summer is for the nature lover or those who love being active. You can fish, white water raft, backpack the Tetons, canoe in Jenny or String Lake, you won't run out of things to do. As for winter, the snow blankets all of Jackson and gives a distinct cozy feeling (great for a family). In the day from 8- 4 lifts are open on the Tetons and provide great skiing and snowboarding. I hope I haven't been too broad, but it really depends what your looking for in a vacation. You really can't go wrong in Jackson Hole over 9 years ago

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    Time of year really depends on what you are looking for. In the summer months the area is swamped with tourists, but it's good for fishing, horseback riding, rafting, etc. Winter is best for skiing, snowmobiles, and dogsleds. I always preferred the fall. The area quiets down and the elk and other animals come down out of the high country which makes for easy viewing. All ranches are different as well. I've worked at three different guest ranches over the years and some are more resorts than anything. Be sure to research your ranch and make sure it provides what you are looking for. Typically ranches termed "dude ranches" are going to focus on riding and the western experience. "guest ranches" are usually a bit more fancy and will have extras like tennis courts and spas. I think a good indicator of what a ranch will be like is finding out how many people they can have at once. The smaller the number the more personalized your rides will be. over 9 years ago

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