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    Adventure on wheels www.wheels9.com/

    They don't charge under 25 fees. about 9 years ago

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    I've always had good luck with Dollar. about 9 years ago

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    Enterprise - usually the airport has the cheapest rates, however, rates depend upon availability of cars in their lot and when they are turned in. So, check for various times during the day you want to pick up the car and always try to book 3 days in advance minimum. It will save you money. Become a member and you can save an additional 10% (I think.). I have GM Motor Insurance that gives me a discount on my rates. Also, if you are an American and own a vehicle at home - your insurance (provided you have comprehensive coverage) covers you in whatever vehicle you drive as insurance follows the driver and not the car. This saves you on the car insurance the rental car agencies want to charge you. But check with your insurance company first to make sure you have the right coverage. You may also want to pay for the gas in advance for when you turn the car in (the rate is usually cheaper than outside), especially if you expect gas to go up in price (whch it usually does) - you won't have to fill the car upon your return - just make sure you run the tank out. Have fun - and get a map. Miami is a tricky city to drive in. Some streets just end and start again somewhere else. Then go here to find out where you can get cheap gas. http://www.gasbuddy.com. I hope this helps. about 9 years ago

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