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This is probably a long shot, but: does anyone know of a way to insure valuable items (e.g. camera + lenses, iPad) whilst travelling, without having a home address?

I'm British and living in the US for 18 months; I plan to travel for around three months between moving out of my apartment here and returning to the UK. I plan to take out travel insurance with World Nomads (since they are the only company I've found that can provide one-way insurance cover for that length of time, with repatriation to the UK), but the limit for insuring single items won't cover everything that I want to take. I can't insure them separately with a UK-based company, I don't think, since most seem to only insure people who are currently in the UK, and I won't be able to insure them with my renters insurance company (as at present) if I'm not returning to live in the US afterwards...

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