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We are travelling to San Fransico on 5th July and want to drive the coast road to Los Angeles.... I have looked at all the major car companies but they are all around $300 for 2 day hire - any ideas on how to get a discount rate? Was looking at paying about $130 max per day....

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    One-way rentals are rarely cheap and convertibles are considered a premium category -- so you are unlikely to find any deals going through the major car rental companies. You might try hotwire.com. Or, a long shot, check on Craigslist.com. Perhaps an individual will need their car relocated . . . over 9 years ago

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    Kylie, First, I'd say go through a travel agent! They have access to packages and companies that you don't.

    Second, $150/day is outrageous! How many days are you thinking of renting it? 5 days or 7 days are the same price.

    Thirdly, Look to pick up the car off-airport or at another airport. Eg., taking BART (the train) to Oakland airport and getting a car there will save you $150/week. One of the suburban cities might even be cheaper.

    Let me know if I can help. over 9 years ago

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