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    Louise, I haven't been there myself, but a mate of mine Kayaks the San Juan river every year and he says there's some excellent operators there. If you're looking for something less active, then there are a ton of day tours, he said this site is not a bad resource - Pagosa.com - http://ht.ly/4vRSj over 9 years ago

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    I used to live in pagoda. The highlight of the town is of course the hot springs. There's actually three different hot springs in town. The main one, which will be obvious, is the best. If you go pay the little bit extra and get access to the upper pools. No kids allowed up there, makes for a quieter more relaxing soak. If you can, go at night and in the winter. If you are there in the winter, skiing at wolf creek is always great...never short of snow as it gets snow of the heaviest snowpack in the state. If you are there in the summer the area has amazing hiking trails. My favorites are to four mile falls, pieces falls, and the stretch of the continental divide trail that goes up to Alberta peak. The whole area is beautiful enjoy! about 9 years ago

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