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    These blood-sucking critters are hard to spot and hard to avoid, but even harder to get rid of once you have them.
    Best way to avoid them is check your hotel room before you move in. Leave your luggae in the hall while you do an inspection(leave someone guarding the bags against theft), or put your luggage in a sealed garbage bag before entering the room.
    The bugs live in a 2 to 3 metre radius of the bed, but an also be in other room furniture.
    If the room's dark switch on the light and immediately throw back the covers, you may see one or two bugs, or the tell-tale brown spots and dark streaks they leave. Strip the bed (get housekeeping to re-make it later), look in the mattress seams and under the label (bugs like it there). Flip the mattress and look for dark spots (signs of a nest). Check between the mattress and the headboard, and behind the headboard.
    Do the same for room furniture (chairs, sofa).
    Don't put luggage on the bed or furniture, use the bag rack and even think about keeping the bag inside that garbage bag.
    A friend who got bed bugs simply burned his clothes and luggage when he returned rather than let the bugs infest his home.
    I need a shower after just thinking about bed bugs. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    i just visited new york (got back 5 days ago) had no issues - at Columbus Circle Hostel.

    However, my cousins before i left bought me a great little thing that cancels it all out (well at least in the bedding aspect) - it is like a sleeping bag, but it is just a satin slip - can get them at any travel store and it was really great - i found i actually slept better in it (no idea why) and despite being super thin, it actually keeps you a lot warmer as well. It was really handy, super light and it rolls up into a tiny little package half the side of a rolled up t-shirt - definitely worth getting.

    also, i'm fairly sure there are a few websites that tell you where has definitely been affected (from people's experiences) and that kind of thing - just google search it! over 9 years ago

    Answered by Katie Hale via Site_iconTravellr.com

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