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I've heard that the inter city and inter state buses can be dodgy. I'm considering using the bus service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Is there anything I should look out for?

Asked by Serena Woollams

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    You don't have to look far to find horror stories from the USA about the Intercity/State Bus System.

    Generally described as "Hellish", "Nightmarish" and other adjectives that cannot be printed in the interests of good taste, your common Intercity/State Bus ride is considered to be the lowest rung on the transport ladder, so your experience is not going to be extraordinarily pleasant.

    Is it safe? Well, it's safe-ish. It's luck of the draw really. A lot of ex-convicts use the system to return home - and while we should give those who have served their debt to society the benefit of the doubt...well...you get the picture.

    The actual trip however, isn't the really dangerous part. What is more hair-raising is your experience at the depots, they can be quite tense and aggressive environment - think the antics on Jerry Springer and you are getting close...

    Interstate transport by plane isn't that expensive. My advice is to splash out if you have the cash - it will be worth the piece of mind. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Jesse Perez
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    I once took the Greyhound bus from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, CA. The bus ride was long and boring as hell and the bus stations that we stopped at looked like hell. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Sean Rollinson via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Airfare from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is cheap and plentiful. Going by bus would save little money and waste a lot of your vacation time. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Gary via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Better yet, rent a car.

    You get the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. I generally fly in and out of the same city, and make my road trip a loop. If that's not feasible for your trip, check to see how expensive it will be to rent a car one-way.

    While not applicable to the Los Angeles to Las Vegas example above, another option for intercity and interstate travel is the Amtrak rail pass. As of 2/22/11, the passes start at $389 for adults and $189.50 for children aged 2-15 years. This gets you 8 travel segments that must be completed within 15 days. There are 30 and 45 day passes as well for $579 (12 trips) and $749 (18 trips) with kids 2-15 riding for half the adult price. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Glenn via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    It depends on the route. I used to take buses all around the east coast when I lived there (Greyhound and other private bus co. services) and they were fine. Granted these tend to be more highly trafficked (by all walks of life) and the trips tend to be shorter. Yes, the Greyhound/bus terminals aren't always the nicest or in the best neighborhoods but I'd say stick to trips that aren't marathons (5-6hr tops) and go at times during the morning so that you arrive during the day at your destination.
    I have not taken a long distance bus here on the west coast but there are a few options for the LA-Vegas route (depending on your budget). Note that this is a route very popular with the weekender crowd so you may find coach services that cater to gambling trippers or party bus type of junkets. Look at the LA Times travel section online to see what may be there.
    www.gotobus.com I suggest you go to www.yelp.com to get reviews of this and other companies.


    Also, because it is a popular route, the Los Angeles Craigslist will have a lot of rides posted on the ride share section. They are ususally very reliable and safe postings, but do your homework.

    Car rental is an option, but will be more spendy if you go one way. priceline has good bidding options where you may be able to bid it down to a decent rate.

    Flying: southwest.com has great fares one way, as cheap as $49 o/w if you plan ahead. The Vegas airport is right downtown, so you can cab it to your hotel and do the rest on foot on the Strip. Easy. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by tunnsey via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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