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    I don't live in Hawaii, but I've visited it six times. Every place in Hawaii is beautiful, but there aren't very many "cheap" places to stay. The prices are high because it's so popular. However, you can avoid paying high prices by avoiding the most popular places and going to places that aren't as touristy. One of the lower-cost places is the eastern side of the big island of Hawaii (Hilo), which is the rainy side of the island. The Hilo area has affordable accommodations, and there's a beautiful rain forest and waterfalls. The hiking is great, as is the snorkeling. And you can drive over to Kona, on the western side of the island, if you want more sunshine, and then be back at Hilo at night. Also, the big island has the volcano, which is amazing. over 9 years ago

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    If you are going to visit any Island and enjoy Sun, Surf, Wind, Culture & Food, It is Definetly Maui. I have live on Maui for 28 years and we host lots of Brazilians for the World Xterra Race in October.
    Check this site out http://NapiliSunset.com/ for great rates and located right on the Napili Bay Beach, check out their LiveCam and Surf is pumping today, Feb. 6th :)
    Or call this friend of mine who has a great Condo right in Lahaina: Gerry Clark 808-661-0320 and tell him Benjamin Barreras referred you and he should give you a Kama'aina (Local) rate....Lots of Hiking, Surfing, Windsurfing, Best Beaches in Hawaii. Most Brazilian's, Euro's, Australisian, South America's live on Maui's North Shore...I hope this helps, but any Island in Hawaii is a good place to visit...Maui no ka oi B-) over 9 years ago

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    I love the North Shore of Kauai...stunningly beautiful and less touristy than other parts of the state. To find the least expensive place (nothing is cheap as the first answer states!), go to www.vrbo.com...much less expensive than a hotel. I have stayed in small studios in beautiful settings for about $700/week. Aloha! over 9 years ago

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    Well, cheapest would be camping. Everywhere is beautiful, except maybe the middle of some of the cities, especially Honolulu. over 9 years ago

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