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I have this tainted idea of dying my hair blue as part of my birthday "theme" whatever. I will be on my trip during my Bday which is the day after Halloween. I don't plan to wear a costume, I've grown past that but once in awhile I like to add an odd twist to life.

I have been doing countless reading and asking a billion questions reading will make you less ignorant and I suppose a bit more informative no matter how well you prepare because nothing that gets thrown at you will be what you think it is.

The question I have is: would it be safe to travel with blue hair as a tourist to NYC? Blue is my favorite color, blue happens to be one of the colors the airline I am flying on has, I happen to have a lot of blue stuff I bought for my trip.... can't say I have painted my luggage blue (no... good thing I didn't).

This goes against everything I've read since I am traveling solo, all the advice I have read say not to attract attention to oneself. But you see people with dyed Mohawks in big cities anyway, and its Halloween what difference does it make??? (maybe GREAT pictures!)

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    Sure, blending in is a great strategy.... it's why antelope go around in great big herds in Africa - hoping the lions pick one of the others.
    But there's a point where standing out from the crowd in a confrontational way is also a good safety strategy. I guess there'll be so many people looking at you that no pickpocket will come near you.
    Stay away from Blue Hair conventions (where you'll be just another antelope in the crowd).
    But make sure you go to Times Square - you'll fit right in.
    Sounds like you'll have a really fun trip. Phil almost 10 years ago

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    haha blue hair conventions... cute :)

    Thanks for the insight, love how you explained it. almost 10 years ago

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    • No worries! Glad I made you laugh. Enjoy NYC Ask Phil almost 10 years ago
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