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If as a result of one of your travels, you happen to be the only survivor in a desert. And the possibility of you been found by the search and rescue team will take 3days. What will be the 3 things you would pick to enable you survive for those days before you're rescued? Have in mind that I have my own picks, consider yourself as been smart if 2 out of your three picks are among mine.

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    1) I'll nominate a GPS with a homing beacon
    2) 20 litres of fresh water
    3) A Spade. There have been stories of Australian Aborigines surviving in the desert by burying themselves in the sand to prevent loss of water moisture from their skin. over 10 years ago

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    Thanks simon. I ll rate 1.5 out of 3.0. Do you really think you need a beacon, when i already told you you ll be found in 3days time. One of your answers was part of mine. Which was definitely correct. The other good, but how are you going to survive the cold nights. I believe i gave you a clue over 10 years ago

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    1) A Knife ( to kill Skin,eat and protect)
    2) A Zippo Lighter
    3) A Sheet of Plastic over 9 years ago

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