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I am due to travel to New York on Tuesday on holiday (16/8) and have just discovered that because I visited Iran on holiday in, I think, 2013, I cannot get a visa exemption but my children who did not visit Iran, can. So I need a visa and the waiting time is 8 days. So I am stuffed!!!!

Tell me someone this is not true!!!

Asked by Tim Seal via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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    I'm going through the same process at the moment, mainly because I visit the US quite frequently and I don't want the US to think I'm trying to take advantage of the VWP. Once you fill out the DS-160 form (which is quite straightforward, just long-winded) and request an interview slot, you can also request an expedited appointment if you have extenuating circumstances. I don't know if your situation qualifies specifically but it's always worth trying... over 3 years ago

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