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Will my China SIM card work in USA ? I am not sure if my mobile phone will also work.
Are there prepaid SIM cards available ? Recommendations ?

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    I doubt a Chinese SIM card will work in the US, and if it does they'll charge you a small fortune for access - global roaming charges are a real frustration for almost any traveller at the moment.

    I had the same issue heading to the UK recently and someone pointed me to these web sites which were pretty useful:


    I'm also looking at http://www.goSIM.com which is more of a global roaming SIM that you could use anywhere at reasonable rates.

    Hope this helps
    simon over 10 years ago

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    Buy a prepaid sim from T-Mobile over 9 years ago

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    i recommend going to wal-mart and getting a month-to month plan from them... it's like 45 dollars unlimited everything... (straight talk is the best).
    are you referring to china texas or china the country? almost 9 years ago

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    I doubt whether your China Sim will work in USA.There are prepaid SIM cards available in USA and you ca get one.See to that your mobile is unlocked so that it can accept the USA sim.If not unlock the mobile from the respective locked network provider or you can use any third party unlock service like http://www.superunlockcodes.com/supported-phones/rs12wp7/ wherein you need to specify the mobile make,model,country and network to which the mobile is locked to.Based on the availability you will get the unlock service along with the free unlock instructions. almost 8 years ago

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    It wont rok at all, off course not, you might just gonna have to get a new prepaid sim card. Why would you wnat your Chinese SIM card anyway? to keep your chinese number or something? You have to get a new Sim Card, over 7 years ago

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