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2 guys are starting an adventure "REcycle" expedition by cycling both the North and South Americas, bringing ideas of adopting the role of researchers and explorers. The goal is to gather information and analyze the thinking and psychology of different social groups in regards to fuel production and consumption. They will also delve into the way people are feeling about natural preservation and protection and will examine their interactions with nature and the place it holds in their lives.

The title of the research is “Recycling of thinking”. They will also focus on the ways people from both continents manage and treat disposable packaging. They will investigate the way people understand and feel about global warming; and will look into their concept of the future for the planet and for themselves.

We are looking for contacts of local medias to interview them and spread the idea and boost people's interest. The cyclists are going to present the need of keeping the planet safe through schools, making youngest people of the planet raise with mind of a caring person who treats the nature as their home.

check out at http://www.cycle4recycle.com/

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