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My husband and I plan on giving up our home in Washington DC in the summer of 2015 to begin what we hope will be several years of world-wide travel. Central and South America, Europe, Morocco, and New Zealand are possible destinations, though we want to stay flexible and not plan too much in advance. We are in good health and my husband will have Medicare insurance in the US when we leave. I am three years from Medicare eligibility so will have to have to buy US insurance when my coverage through his employer ends. I am trying to figure out what we need/want to have in the way of health insurance.
It seems like the insurance you offer, is primarily for emergency coverage while you are travelling and does not presume that you will use it for ordinary, garden-variety illnesses while out of the country. Is this correct? The presumption being that if you became seriously ill you would return to your home country for care? Or perhaps, pay privately wherever you were if there was care that was available and affordable.
And when I use your quote function for a trip of one year duration, is the quote for the entire year?

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