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I have an assignment for school and I need to pin down the structure of the backpacking industry. I have to identify the local, state, national and global authorities. Anyone got any knowledge or can give me a website to check out?? Any help would be great!!

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    Unfortunately, there is no single regulatory body or global backpacking authority as a central reference point.

    The best option is to search for industry associations, who specialise in the adventure, youth, student travel or backpacking sector or find the National Tourism Association, who will usually list other associated industry groups. eg. Adventure Travel Trade Association (http://www.adventuretravel.biz/ Backpacker Operators Association in various States/regions (eg. in Australia there are various not for profit industry assocations like http://www.boansw.org.au/ www.vecci.org.au/BOAV and www.backpackingqueensland.com.au)

    Members of these associations are all regulated in different ways, depending on the type of business (accommodation, tour operator, bar/club, travel agent etc), however most membership based industry associations will work closely with their local, state, national tourism organisation and government departments to uphold industry standards within their own region/state/sector.

    Good luck with your assignment! about 10 years ago

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