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    hi .... I hope this helps .... I would stay away. it is just a crowded, dirty piece of detritus that has now, no ecological value. when I was there I walked and wanted to get out and I booked a flight on a 2 engine prop. for 4 days hence. stupid, I should have gone by boat, out. the plane broke and there was a further 4 days. if you like giant
    vis-queen plastic nailed on bamboo frames that are put up along the beach - because the people that have their junk shops don't like the wind, and if you like fellows with t-shirts that say moslem vendors assc.everywhere selling junk, if you like over-priced everything and places that are mildewed from the humidity, and over-priced rooms at station 1, then this place is for you. My suggestion is to go to Palawan island before it too, is fully destroyed. go to Coron on the far north end, by way of El Nido. plenty of islands and beaches there. just stay away from Boracay and you will not miss a thing! over 6 years ago

    Answered by forbes kennedy via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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