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    One of my favorite towns. Try and get a place somewhat near the plaza. Make sure to visit the Native American jewelers outside the Palace of the Governor, the Georgia O'keefe museum, and the shops. If you like to hike, head to Bandolier national park or to tent canyon to the south (I think that's the name). For food, drinks at the St Francis hotel, or anywhere really, and then dinner in La Casa Sena Cantina. Make sure the cantina, with the wait staff doing show tunes, and not the restaurant - which is also good over 7 years ago

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    I've never beed, but I've heard & read that it's a very beautiful area, with many interesting things to do: specifically, enjoy the surrounding nature, there's many high-end resorts & spas to spend a relaxing week being pampered in. There are also some very interesting & unusual cultural & historical places to visit, focusing on art, American/American Indian history & culture, and New Age type pursuits...meditation, health/healing based type things, study of aliens/UFO's, alternative beliefs mix with the traditional. over 7 years ago

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    Wonderful. Lovely art galleries and museums, check out the Native American crafts, visit Trader Walt's flea market for off-beat non-junk stuff, take a quick side trip up to Tent Rocks park about 7 years ago

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    Check out Jima hot springs! about 7 years ago

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    Jima Hot Springs?????? He must be referring to Jemez Springs, NM where they have numerous hot springs. About a 2 hour drive from Santa Fe and certainly not considered part of Santa Fe!!
    Santa Fe used to be a very interesting town. Then all the "Beautiful People" moved in and ruined it. It has turned into a giant tourist trap with mediocre art galleries and a few interesting places to stay and visit. I was born and raised in Santa Fe so I have a basis for my opinions. over 6 years ago

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    So many great things to do...
    Go to Maria's - a great local New Mexican restaurant
    Ojo Caliente is a hot spring and spa - 45 min from Santa Fe
    10,000 Waves is a Japanese spa in the mountains near Santa Fe
    Puye Cliffs is a Native American site worth exploring and climbing - you travel with a guide
    Many amazing art galleries in the plaza over 6 years ago

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