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I've got a 1999 Corolla with just a hair under 200,000 miles on it. I bought it in 2004, and hadn't put any money into it at all (other than oil changes, head lamps, tires, a battery, and one set of brake pads) until about a year and a half ago, when I got the serpentine belt replaced. Since then I've also had to get both front calipers replaced, a new set of front brake pads, the wiring into the door repaired (for the windows and electric locks), and have a few other things that are non-mission-critical, so I've been not doing just to save the money.

The car starts and goes reliably, the undercarriage is rust-free, and I don't mind driving an old car. The clutch is probably going to be the first big-ticket item that goes on it, as it's gotten quite soft.

Anyway, while it's kind of a hit to have all these repairs in the last year (as well as having to get two new sets of tires), I'm still spending less than $100 a month on maintenance, which is definitely cheaper than a car loan. For a while I was ready to sell it and get something new(er), but I figure it just doesn't make sense money-wise. And, I drive a lot, so miles add up quick. Every year I keep this car is 18-20k miles I don't put on another car.

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    It looks like you have already spent much amount on your car repair and it still need repairing from time to time.
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