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    Yes bluffton sc is the best area by far:) over 5 years ago

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    It would be helpful if you could be more specific about where you're intending to travel, when and in what circumstances. I'm sure the community would love to help you out if we had more information. Cheers. over 5 years ago

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    Everywhere within reason is safe! Stay away from large crowds - at your children's age, easy. I've traveled around the world with my daughter, and continue to meet amazing and loving people. Travel with an open heart! Be kind. Don't go to London, or Paris - too touristy, unless you love museums. over 5 years ago

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    Sorry, I meant to ask where Istanbul. Thank you! over 5 years ago

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    Istanbul is a great place to travel. And Turks love children - just having your kids with you will invite smiles and interactions and invitations that are inaccessible to tourists without kids.
    Sultanamhet, the main tourist district, is very safe, as are most parts of the main city in Istanbul. Just use the same street smarts you'd use in the States, and ask your hotel for their advice.
    Your kids would love Cappadoccia in the centre of the country - underground cities to explore! over 5 years ago

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