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    Spring or fall would be best. Avoid the worst of the heat and crowds. In lower southwest, weather is ok in winter but north of grand canyon it gets dicey! about 7 years ago

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    I've done two tours of the parks in January. No crowds, weather held up well. However I was out by myself and didn't really have an agenda. Spring & Fall a great time to go. While you're out that way... Check out some of the very cool State Parks which are in the area like the Canyon de Chelley (pronounced Shay) where the cliff dwelling Native Americans built "The White House" and the first recording of the entry of the white man and the horse is carved in the rocks. It's out jus passed the painted desert & the petrified forest nat'l parks. See Goblin Valley outside of Moab, UT (Arches & Canyonlands Nt'l Parks) on your way to Capitol Reef Nt'l Park... And find Fremont State Park in UT on your way from Capitol Reef to both the Zion & Bryce Canyon areas. There you should see the "Cave of 100 Hands" on trail #9 and the petroglyphs. And don't forget Monument Valley in AZ. It's a tribal park Not a state or Nt'l Park. I'd recommend the travel book... 22 days in the American Southwest, by Richard Harris. Great driving tours and I used it a lot on my travels and planning for the kind of trip you want to take... enjoy!! about 7 years ago

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