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Two adults looking to take a few road trips this summer. We're in our 30s-ish, no kids and like things off the beaten path. We don't really have any final destinations in mind, just looking to get out of the area and we're having a tough time getting started with loose plan.

We live in Michigan and have a descent amount of vacation time.

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    Arizona and New Mexico. Taos, NM is a quirky town. Down the road from it is an Indian reservation where they do rain dances, make fried bread, and actually invite you into their homes. We stayed in a hostel near it that had teepees and llamas outside. We slept in the teepee but used the shower inside the main building. met lots of American and European travelers in their 20s and 30s. Sedona, AZ is breathtaking. It is prettier than some places in the Grand Canyon. There is natural water slide on the way up the canyons that is quite popular. almost 8 years ago

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    I agree with Diedre that New Mexico makes for a beautiful road trip. A couple of other itineraries you might want to consider are New England or the Carolinas. A tour through Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut will let you see some really beautiful little towns and experience some wonderful hospitality. Also worth considering is a drive through the Carolinas and Georgia. A few years ago we went from Charlotte to Charleston to Savannah to Asheville. It remains one of the best road trips we've ever experienced. almost 8 years ago

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