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I hold a Malaysian driving license. Do I need a international driving license/permit to drive in the state of California? I am going to be driving in San Francisco. Or can I just use my Malaysian driving license? I am oug to rent a car, will the car rentals insist on a International driving license in order to rent one?

Thanks in advance !

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    The California motor licensing authorities do not recognise the IDP as an official driving permit, so you'll be okay with your Malaysian license.
    However some car rental companies may want to see an IDP, so get one anyway - they're not that expensive and they are simple to get.
    The beauty of the IDP is that it translates your license into several languages (including English) so it is easy for a traffic officer to determine that you are properly licensed.
    Phil at the Safety Hub. about 8 years ago

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    Thanks Phil. Much appreciated. Guess the only issue is with the rentals ... :) about 8 years ago

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    Phil, I rented a car with no issues. Thanks. about 8 years ago

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    can i used united Arab emirates in California state ,also i have Syrian international driver license too . over 6 years ago

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