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    finding work depends on your skills, what skills do you have?? If you are unskilled, have no experience, maybe hard to find work anywhere. what type of work are you looking for? you can probably find waiter or dish washing jobs as there are many restaurants. about 8 years ago

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    This question is impossible to answer unless you tell us if you're looking for full or part time, whether you have a work permit, what kinds of work you're willing or trained to do, etc. Even knowing how attractive you is relevant. If you're college educated, have vettable references, some marketable skill, have a work permit, gorgeous and willing to do "anything"... yeah, sure, you'll have no problem finding work and money. The fewer of these characteristics you have, the less opportunity you'll find. about 8 years ago

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    difficult to tell because of lack of information. If it is unskilled job it shouldn't be difficult. But in case you want good job with decent salary it's gonna be hard. Its better if you find agency for advice as competition is very high. One of my friends used http://resume-for-you.com if I'm not mistaken and he was quite happy. Good luck! about 5 years ago

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