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We (2 adults &2 children) are planning on visiting Boston, Cape Cod and NYC next August. We would like some advice on the best way to travel. Car hire or train? Which would be most cost effective? Which would be less stressful? Should we attempt a mixture of the two? We would be flying into Boston and will probably fly out of Boston with around 12 days for the holiday. Also if anyone had any suggestions of other places to visit while we are there they would be gratefully received. Thanks

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    Train / bus would normally be your most cost effective choice, but with 4 of you renting a car will likely be cheaper. You do not want a car in NYC, but it is the main way to see Cape Cod and to get to Cape Cod from Boston. Cape May is also nice, and less crowded and cheaper than Cape Cod.
    Probably the logistically easiest and cheapest is bus from from NYC to Boston, then rent a car to leave Boston and to use on Cape Cod. about 8 years ago

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    Here's another option ...

    If you're flying into and out of Boston, then why not take the train from Boston to NYC, do your sightseeing in NYC, the take the train back to Boston. (The train trip is somewhat more scenic, and much more comfortable than the bus, IMHO.)

    When you get back to Boston, then you can either take a bus, a ferry, or rent a car to come to Cape Cod. (You could also fly Boston - Cape Cod. It's a quick, scenic flight, but by no means a cost-effective option for 4 people.)

    The choice of bus vs. ferry really comes down to where you plan to base yourselves once you're on the Cape.

    The Boston-Cape Cod ferry goes in to Provincetown, at the farthest tip of the Cape. So it's really only a good choice if Provincetown is near to wherever you plan to stay on Cape Cod. Otherwise, the bus is going to be your better option.

    Re renting a car in Boston and driving to the Cape, I agree that you'll want a car while you're here, to explore as much of Cape Cod as possible. We do have a public transportation system - but it's not a very convenient way to do your sightseeing.

    That said, I've found that rental car rates are generally cheaper here on the Cape than they are in Boston. So if saving $$ is a your primary consideration, then compare the cost of renting a car in Boston and driving to the Cape, with the cost of taking the bus to the Cape and renting the car once you get here. Whatever works out better - go for it!

    Hope this helps! Any more questions, feel free to ask!! about 8 years ago

    Answered by Dee Young via Site_iconTravellr.com

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