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    Depends what you mean by "cheap" and "luxury".

    Romantic is the Venetian but it's $100+ per night or the Paris at around the same price, sometime less. (Check their websites for deals!).

    Or, another option, if the Paris and Venetian are too much, you can look at the Mirage (about $80) or Bill's Gambling Hall, which has an EXCELLENT location and very nice rooms (for about $80 too).

    But check each hotel website, prices always change!

    However, the Cheapest and Nicest rooms (but not necessarily romantic), are the Premiere rooms at the Gold Coast $35 ish per night and the Plaza downtown also about $35 ish. Excellent value for money. I stay there ALL the time.

    Check out each hotel website for prices and - www.top-buffet.com - for reviews about deals and other stuff in vegas.


    Romantic high priced - Venetian and Paris
    Luxury Mid priced - Mirage and Bill's
    Nice Modern and yet Cheap - Gold Coast and Plaza over 8 years ago

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    depends if its a weekend or week day Tuscany is a nice suite for about 35.00 during the week but weekends all hotels go way up.plaza downtown is remodeled for about 25.00 during the week.prices change weekly so check a hotel web site almost 8 years ago

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    Tropicana is across from MGM and costs peanuts to stay! Monte Carlo I find to be very reasonably priced too. over 7 years ago

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    I was at the Platinum Hotel SPA in 2008 and it was very nice. It was not expensive and it was non smoking hotel.
    It is very close to the Strip. over 7 years ago

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    I would recommend to stay downtown Vegas.
    We usually stay comfortably at the. Union Plaza.
    Freemont Experiance free and spectacular. over 7 years ago

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    1. Tropicana
    2. Monte Carlo
    3. Luxor -slightly further away but a great price

    Anything else on the strip is dearer. If you want to save more money, you'd need to stay off of the strip. over 7 years ago

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